Taxi Boat Between Montezuma and Jaco

Travelers who are making their way to or from the mainland may want to consider taking a taxi boat. In lieu of crossing on the ferry, taxi boats offer a quick and exciting way to travel between the Nicoya Peninsula and the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. You'll save loads of time (somewhere around 4 hours) and have the opportunity to spot dolphins, whales and manta rays along the way. The boats run daily between Montezuma and Jacó and take about an hour to cross.

Taxi boats can be combined with one of our private transports for guests who are continuing their travels in the Central Pacific, Central Valley or South Pacific regions of Costa Rica. Doing so makes extended journeys — which are often long and painful via public transportation — simple and carefree.

There are daily departures from Montezuma Beach at 9:30 AM and from Herradura Beach (which lies just north of Jacó) at 10:45 AM. The boats can sit 10-18 people and are manned by a friendly bilingual staff. There's an extra charge for surfboards ($10) and bicycles ($30), although kids under the age of three are free.

Travelers who wish to depart at the time of their choosing can hire a private taxi boat. These can hold up to ten people and have a much more flexible schedule — they can leave Montezuma at virtually anytime until 3:30 PM and Jacó until 4:30 PM.

Taxi Boat from Montezuma to Jaco Times and Booking

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Taxi Boat from Montezuma to Jaco
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