Santa Teresa Beach

In many ways, Santa Teresa is more upscale than Malpaís – the hotels are nicer and there are more services and facilities in town. The denizens are oftentimes more affluent than other areas on the peninsula, which makes for a vibe that's less hippie than yuppie. The surfing at Santa Teresa, however, tends to be better than most other places. There are superb swells year round with moderate to strong breaks. Due to this, the people at the beach are often energetic and athletic; the type that's more comfortable on the crest of a wave than in a five-star restaurant.

Santa Teresa is located just north of Playa Carmen. This white/grey-sand beach is wedged between the Pacific Ocean and several forested hillsides, making for a beautiful tropical scene. Although the area is beginning to see an influx of international tourists and an increasing amount of development, it still retains a relaxed atmosphere. The beach isn't too crowded and with some walking it's easy to find a secluded spot. As with the beaches to the south, natural rock formations jut into the ocean and provide visitors with protected swimming coves.

The waves are generally larger and hollower than at Malpaís or Playa Carmen. There are a variety of beach breaks, point breaks and high swells that experienced surfers will appreciate. Some of the rock outcroppings make for heavy barreling rights and lefts – there's even one ledge that's known as Suck Rock, an appropriate title considering the effect it has on nearby waves. In general, the surfing is better at low tide, when the waves tend to be faster. The crowds are light, although during a good swell the count will go up as locals race towards the ocean.

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