Manzanillo Beach

The calm beach of Manzanillo is located to the north of Santa Teresa. Manzanillo has been eclipsed by the rapid development in Malpaís and Santa Teresa, and as such has retained a distinctly backwater vibe. The small village hosts a tiny sampling of bars and restaurants, but most visitors will find the seclusion of the beach to be the area's biggest draw.

The white-sand beach is lined on one side by old almendro trees and on the other by the blue-green waters of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean itself is a bit rocky – making the swimming less than ideal – but hosts some incredible reefs and lagoons. For this reason, the snorkeling is especially good. Visitors who do so will have the opportunity to see a sampling of colorful tropical fish. Those that stay on land can enjoy long walks along the shore or do some serious sunbathing. The surfing is generally not that great, although it can pick up during a large swell.

There are other isolated beaches to the north of Manzanillo that – with a bit of walking – can be arrived at. Most lack road access and even houses, making them devoid of virtually all people.

It takes approximately twenty minutes to drive from Manzanillo to Santa Teresa.

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