Playa Hermosa Beach

Everyone knows that Costa Rica has beautiful beaches; type the country's name into Google and you’ll be flooded with images of palm trees, white-sand stretches, and perfect turquoise water. It comes as little surprise then that several Playa Hermosas – which literally means "beautiful beach" in Spanish – are spread across the country.

This particular one is located just north of Santa Teresa. In fact, it's somewhat difficult to tell where Playa Hermosa begins and Playa Santa Teresa ends. That hardly matters, though—both are large and gorgeous and have tons of activities to enjoy. Broad and uncrowded, this beach sees significantly fewer visitors than its neighbor to the south. There's little development along the coast or in the hills above it, which makes it easy to find a secluded spot beneath a palm tree or beside a large rock.

Like other beaches in the area, the surfing here is good—its northern end sports a beach break both on the left and right. South of this the ocean calms down a bit and there are nice spots for swimming. There are no underwater rocks, so swimmers can explore beneath the surface (either with or without the aid or a snorkel) safely. Aside from this, Playa Hermosa is an awesome spot to sunbathe, read, or jog. The palm and almendro trees lining the beach provide some shade, and its relative proximity to Santa Teresa means that beach supplies can be purchased easily.

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