Malpais Beach

The beach at Malpaís is a long, rocky stretch that's interspersed with sandy and shady areas. Just south of Santa Teresa, it's beautiful and relaxed and is regarded as one of the best Pacific Coast beaches. Add to this the fact that it has some of the best surfing in the country and you have the making for an awesome stretch of coastline.

The area's reputation has grown as word has gotten out about its exceptional surfing—it is quickly becoming one of the country's hottest destinations, especially with the younger crowds. Every day, beginning, intermediate and advanced surfers take to the ocean to ride the waves. Although Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa are generally known to have the best surfing in the area, the swells here crash onto a long beach break and are consistently good throughout the year. There are rentals and instructors to be found in town, or in the later case, even in the lineup on the water.

Still, it's still easy to find secluded coves or sandy stretches that aren't strewn with surfboards and towels. As such, this beach is an attractive option for those that aren't surfing. You can easily spend a day reading, sunbathing and swimming here, especially since the town's services are close by. Other activities include snorkeling, sport fishing, scuba diving and kite surfing, although many people will be content to simply wander the shore and search for seashells. The sunsets here are exceptional, too.

The area is much less developed than Santa Teresa or Playa Hermosa and caters to a younger, enthusiastic crowd. And although Malpaís directly borders the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve – which is only 4 miles (6 km) south – there is no direct entrance from the beach.

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